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* Driver :

Minimum age 21 years.
Valid driving licence for 1 year.
Only the driver indicated to the contract can take the steering wheel.

* Payment :

The payment is made at the time of the coverage of the vehicle The pledge is compulsory by imprint of the bank card, returned to restoration of the vehicle.

* Duration of rent :

The tenant has to return the vehicle in the same state to his delivery.
The clien-location-voituret has to respect the hour of return of the vehicle. Every hour of overtime will be charged.
Every person adducing to prolong the rent without the express agreement of the renter out 48 hours in advance would expose(explain) herself to financial penalties which can go 3 times to the amount of the rent / day for every supplementary day.
If the clien-location-voituret returns the vehicle before expiration of the deadline of rent, this one can require(demand) on no account the refund(repayment) of the sums owed in conformance with the remaining rent.
It is forbidden to take tracks with a rented car except 4x4.

* Insurance :

Vehicles are insured everything risks. However, for any damage other one than the theft of the vehicle, fire, broken glass, civil liability and transported persons ( PAI), a put an upper limit not repurchasable franchising stays chargeable to the driver in the case or its partial or whole responsibility would be engaged(started).
The damages of the vehicle are covered only on production of an accident reporting within 24 hours.

If you are not responsible for the accident no responsibility would be asked you.
If you are responsible for the accident only the damages caused in our vehicle will be at your expense.

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Long rent duration
HUNDAY i10 Air-conditioned

Method of payment
paiment paypal

paiment visa paiment master card

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